The Importance of Travelling Solo

Pic Credit: Unsplash / Dariusz Sankowski

Pic Credit: Unsplash / Dariusz Sankowski

I think we should ALL try to travel solo once in a lifetime, just YOU, by yourself, without your hubs, friends or family. If you are blessed, every year, will be awesome - if not, make it a regular on your self-care list.

It’s not a new trend. A study has found there were a growing number of people who preferred to travel alone not because they have to but because they want to. 

I know it’s easier to travel alone when you’re single, and that sometimes it could hard if money is an issue. And when you have a family and kids, how do you find the time? How can you leave them?

It’s becoming a necessity these days to detox from the busy-ness of life. Perhaps meditation and that one-hour yoga class is enough. All I’m asking is can you do more?

And if you can, why not find a way to to this ONE thing - TRAVEL !

BE A YES. Manifest your solo dream. Plan for it. Anything is possible if you come from a place of anything is possible. 

Rachael Cook calls it her CEO trip - be the CEO of your own life. Doesn’t matter who you are - a high flier in your own industry, a stay-at-home mum/dad, an entrepreneur, a working mum/dad, whoever you are for others……..

Sign up for a yoga retreat or bootcamp or it can simply be a nice relaxing holiday. Or you are short of time or money, drive to the next city or town town or hop on the boat to the nearest island - where you will not get distracted by your day-to-day life.

Yes you could do all-boys or all-girls weekend, which is fun! But try this! It’s a little bit of an indulgence and dare I say selfishness but we need a more self-love in our lives.

Travelling alone will give you access to fully appreciate what you are seeing and what you have. It can give perspective on what’s important, and can even give you the time and clarity of mind to make important decisions regarding your direction in life. Your loved ones will understand because you’re doing it for them as much as you’re doing it for yourself.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
— Danny Kaye
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Yoga started my "journey into self" when I went for my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Power Living in Australia in 2015.

Yes, come to think of it, most of my solo travels have been when I’m on my way to teacher training. Of course you say it doesn’t count because I’ll be WITH people.

But I always make a point to stay 2-3 extra days before and after - so I have time to explore a new place, and also be with my thoughts.

I love my solitude, especially when I'm not on home ground. No judgements nor expectations to live up to. What I discovered was how peaceful it is when I'm alone. I could do more stuff, I could reflect more, get more work done.

There is a sense of freedom and confidence that “I can do this”, especially when you have fear of the unknown - “what if your baggage goes over the limit, what if you get lost, what if you have to eat alone, what if the hotel staff is unfriendly, what if everything is too expensive, I’m a girl and I’m small; what if i get taken advantage of, what if???”

I psych myself out all the time but at the end of the day, I love travelling alone. It takes soo much from me - it’s risky, unsafe, and so out of my comfort zone - and yet I’ll do it again and again because I need it. And because I want to choose courage over comfort.

- Sophie Sanders

Nepal | March 2014 | Volunteered to fetch the kids to & from school from NGO children

Nepal | March 2014 | Volunteered to fetch the kids to & from school from NGO children

3 Great Things about travelling alone are

- I get my Me Time (This is the time when you are 100% focus on yourself)

- Ability to appreciate the beauty of silence (This is also why I enjoy diving)

- It’s stress free (At least you have no one else to please or listen to except yourself)

Travelling alone gives the opportunity for us to step out of our comfort zone, so we will truly understand and appreciate who and what kind of person we are.

Yen Ting, Goh

Tomamu, Hokkaido | 2019

Tomamu, Hokkaido | 2019

I love travelling alone because I don't have to match schedules, I can eat whenever I want or not... Haha kidding a little bit. And I like to have the space to think and observe plus it creates the opportunity to meet new people!

Travelling alone gives me access to Possibilities and Planning the trip lights me up!

I'd recommend others to do this because it's a great way to get to know yourself better. Get your self out of the comfort zone. And have the opportunity to meet new people!

- Mayra Hurtado

So tell me - when and where is your next solo trip?