How to Build Your Confidence Before Teaching A Class (8 Practical Tips for Anxious Yoga Teachers)

Photo Credit : Unsplash /Timothy Eberly

Photo Credit : Unsplash /Timothy Eberly

I would assume you’ve already done your preparation for the class, you memorised it, you practised it in your body. You’ve taught so many times and yet you feel nervous.

Here are some tips (or I call additional armor:) that you can put into practice right now to be more confident and show up big for your students.

  1. Come early (at least 15 mins early to get grounded and to welcome your students)

  2. Get excited even if you feel like puking, nervous, scared and you don’t know what you’re doing

  3. Create a personal ritual before you teach

  4. Repeat a positive mantra like “I got it.” ,” I’m excited”, “they are just people” “i’m an amazing and powerful teacher.” “I’m here to be of service.”

  5. Remember that you are coming from a place of love and support

  6. Stand in tadasana from beginning to end of class (Your power stance)

  7. Don’t forget to Breathe

  8. HAVE FUN, smile and be in love what you do! (And let your bright light shine through)

I always get nervous before teaching. These tips are practices and rituals that I’ve embodied over the years that has helped me get over my anxiety. Choose one or all but put them into practice right away because right now, is all you’ve got!

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Sydney Rae

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Sydney Rae