A Love Letter to Myself: You are Ready to Shine

Dear Me,

Can you see the sun peeping through the clouds, those clouds that barely covers the bright bluest sky?

Can you feel the heat crawling on your skin? It’s going to get hotter. 

I know you have doubts, worries if you can stand being under the pressure. It’s prickly. It’s uncomfortable. 

I know you don’t like it. But can you stay?

Right now the rays of sunshine is your glimmer of hope that whatever is hiding behind the clouds may show up powerfully.

And, it could remain hidden, and you can still walk in the dark. 

Maybe you would go down in a downward spiral of bleakness but for sure your light will shine soon.

When the sun is in its full glory, you thrive in the warmest of light.  

You are ready to shine bright!

- Me

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Andy Hutchinson

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Andy Hutchinson