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Be a Better You in 2019

Be a Better You in 2019

fAnd so today ends my 3 months adventure with my husband. As I wrap up my tumultuous 2018, I have a few things to share and be grateful for -

  • Baron Baptiste, Paige Elenson and the Baptiste Yoga community for shining my pathway to my authentic self

  • my husband for loving me that much more to marry me, to listen even if I don't make sense, for being generous and kind, for selfless, for being himself

  • my mum for raising me and my 4 sisters up , by herself

  • my dad for sending all 5 of us to university

  • my sisters for just being there

  • my new Sanders family for accepting me wholeheartedly

  • my students for inspiring to want to teach 

  • YOU for motivating me to write!

In a nutshell, this post is about how to find your better selves in 2019?

My Logical Self says "Do a Reflection on the Whole Year."

My Spiritual Self says "Get Present to right here right now."

My Suffering Self says "Acknowledge what comes up and be with it."

My “Whatever” Self says " STOP IT."

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