Baptiste Yoga Certification

Why Teach Baptiste Yoga

Why Teach Baptiste Yoga

This week I'm tooting my own horn because I've just unlocked next level in Baptiste Yoga accreditation! I remember when I first did my Baptiste Level 1 trainingin 2016, never would I have imagined I'd travel to the USA several times to train with Baron and Paige, and I'm very proud to say that I'm now a Tier 2 Certified Baptiste Yoga Educator. And 6 years ago, I’d never even thought it’s possible for me to teach yoga.

I love how they differentiate the "title" of each level from


Although on paper, I'm just a plain ol' yoga TEACHER, yet there's an inner sense of pride knowing I've done so much tto get where I am, despite my negative thoughts. :)

And being a YOGA EDUCATOR sounds about right for what I'm up to right now.