Experience a New Way of Being & Living in 40 Days

Photo Credit: Danielle Macinnes/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Danielle Macinnes/Unsplash

Jet lag.

Well, that’s my excuse for not being able to write these past few weeks. In Cali, I was waking up every 2 hours. And here in the UK, I couldn’t sleep. I've been waking up at 12pm everyday for the last 3 days. It doesn’t really help that the winter days are shorter, which means it gets dark by 4pm. And that leaves my body a little confused, I guess.

The sleepless nights got me thinking and thinking - I don’t know - about stuff. Worried that I’m not putting into practice my learnings from Level 3. That I’ll not get to teach much next year. That I might forget how to teach. Worried that I’ve done zilch on my 40 days to program in January. What if no one signs up. That Xmas is coming. That I totally blew T’s Xmas present (he bought himself the present I bought him). That I’m not mindful. That I’ve not written in 2 weeks when I promised I will write last week. That I’m a disappointment. That I’m not a good daughter. That I’m getting fat. 

Silly. Mind. Stuff.

I do know that this will pass - the cloudiness.  Right now what’s coming up for me is I want to badly write about my Level 3 experience, but it’s not coming. 

So I did the next best thing, which is to start planning for my 40 days to Personal Revolution program because I’ve got everything to create the marketing material. 

I do. I’ve done the research. I’ve got materials from the previous 40 days. I even signed up for a 40 Days Facilitation program with the Baptiste Institute so I can be a more effective leader.

In fact, I’m confident that I can lead the 40 days program powerfully but I’m not confident about sign-ups. I’ve been telling myself I’m bad at marketing, which is why I’ve been procrastinating, and time is ticking!


You know what. That was hard to admit even to myself, much less say it out loud.

I’ve had past history of zero sign-ups for my workshops, which was a downer. I thought I didn’t mark myself as a failure and I even wrote about how to stop worrying. And it appears I still held a “grudge” against myself.

I have a simple question - HOW?

HOW do I get people in when I’m not in Singapore, teaching? HOW do I create community? HOW do I get YOU guys excited about doing yoga for 40 days?

Baron says a lot of things - he says the answer to HOW is to be a yes. Then he also says the answer to HOW is in your heart. Another one which I’m working on is to be PRESENT. And I discovered a new tool from Level 3, the answer to HOW is to ….

Forgive myself and make a new commitment.

I forgive myself for being harsh on myself.

I commit to talk about what I’m up to, to anyone and everyone, even if they don’t do yoga. 


One of the 5 principles of the True North Alignment is be intentional in creating a physical foundation of the pose and be up to something bigger than yourself. 

I realised that I’ve not been intentional in creating community because I’ve actually not created the foundation…... yet. Yes, I have planted seeds; I’ve taught, spoken and wrote about Baptiste Yoga and I say I’m passionate about expanding the Baptiste Yoga Singapore community. And my seeds are everywhere but they are floating seeds and truthfully they’ve not landed powerfully. 

I thought I was stuck because I don’t have a studio and that the studio is the physical foundation of all communities.

But do I really need a studio?

AMI Power Yoga, the yogipreneur aspect of me - aspires for a community without walls. And guess what - this 40 days will be the seed that creates lifelong intentions for the community and I will be the physical foundation. 

I forgive myself for not being a yes for my community and I commit to be the physical foundation even if that sounds so weird because anything is possible.



In 2012, I did my first 40 days program and it changed my life. It has made possible what i never thought would be possible - like teaching yoga, quitting my job to pursue my passion, doing Baptiste Level 3 training, writing a blog, improving my relationship with my mum and my husband etc.

Baptiste yoga works if you do the work.

I’d like to invite you to join me in creating your own personal revolution whatever it looks like in your life.


Do you want to -

  • Create a shift in your life?

  • Be part of something BIG? 

  • Cultivate a self-care routine of yoga, meditation and journaling

  • Experience a new way of living and being?

If this is what you want -

Make a commitment to yourself and take ownership of your life – replace old unhealthy habits with new empowering choices for health and wellbeing. 

YOU have the courage and conviction to stretch yourself beyond what you can imagine – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

YOU have the power to reset and begin again.

That’s what the 40 days has done for me and more. 

What is this DIGITAL 4o days to personal revolution?

The 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a 6 weeks commitment program for the mind, body and heart. Idea is simple; if you want to make a change - do the WORK and BE with your community.

The digital 40 Days is largely self-guided and adaptable to your personal goals and we’ll be following Baron Baptiste’s book 40 days to Personal Revolution, where each week has an overall theme which we apply to our yoga practice and our lives.







Our community will connect via weekly teleconferencing to support each other in our commitments to personal growth and expansiveness. The real work happens in these inquiry sessions. It’s not enough anymore to just work the body and life and even changing your environment but if you don’t change from the inside out, nothing else changes. The inquiry consists of short readings from the book, journaling questions and connecting with your community during the online group check-ins. You’ll get a workbook that you can print off and a weekly email to remind you of what’s next. 

The other work is a daily commitment of time - the deeper we go into the 40 days, our twice daily meditations increase in length from 5 to 30 minutes and our asana practice increases in length from 20 to 90 minutes.  There is also a commitment required to a nutritional focus, intended to help you find your healthiest way of feeding your body.

You may have lot of questions; a lot of “Buts", a lot of justifications, and excuses. However pause and ask yourself this -

What can you forgive yourself for and what new promises or commitments can you make for yourself right now that will make a difference?

I challenge you to explore and transform areas of your life that may be holding you back and take action to choose how to move forward.

Your new way of being begins……….

27th Jan 2019.

The investment on YOUR Self is S$120 *Excludes Yoga Classes & 40 Days Book (which must be purchased separately)

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Resources: Baptiste Institute; 40 days to Personal Revolution book; Baptiste Affiliate Studios.